How the Trump Bump Could Turn into a Trump Slump

20.01.2017 • Investing

Kris Sayce – Port Phillips Insider (Australia)

Before we head back home from our trip to Baltimore, we’re stopping for one night in New York.

Late this afternoon, we strolled from our hotel, up Fifth Avenue, to the location of Trump Tower.

Talk about security. It appears you can’t walk into, or even past, the Trump Tower on the same side of Fifth Avenue without going through a bag search procedure. Metal fences are in place, as are tens, if not hundreds, of New York cops.

Despite the risks, your editor decided to take a ‘happy snap’ from across the street:
By the time we had arrived at Trump Tower, president-elect Donald Trump was long gone. He had flown from La Guardia Airport around 11:00am to go to Washington DC for Friday’s inauguration ceremony.

Depending on the security situation tomorrow, your editor will do his level best to be at the Trump Tower on the dot of noon to soak in the atmosphere…and hopefully to not soak in any Molotov cocktails…

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