Signs of Life in Argentina After a Rough 2016

24.01.2017 • Emerging Markets

By Ivan Carrino – El Diario del Lunes (Argentina) –

I don’t normally use this column to discuss my television appearances, though I do mention them on El Diario del Lunes and I often include links or share videos. So you know that I’m sometimes invited to be on C5N, A24 or América TV news channels to give my opinion about what’s going in the economy.

Last Saturday, for example I was on Eduardo Battaglia’s program A24, and we spoke at length about the best investments of 2016 and good investment choices for people who want to save money this year. A perfect topic for discussion at 8:30 in the morning on a Saturday in January, don’t you think?

On Wednesday I got a call from C5N. Things can get a bit lively on C5N because many of their guests are strong supporters of the policies of the previous Néstor and Cristina Kirchner administrations, sometimes referred to as: “The K Approach.”

Former officials, such as Roberto Felletti, Daniel Arroyo, sometimes appear on the program as well. Even though our opinions on various topics may differ, we have always had been able to discuss and exchange our points of view in a courteous manner.

Well, things were completely different this time.

One of the guests on Gustavo Sylvestre’s show was Fernanda Vallejos, an economist at UBA (Buenos Aires University) and a big supporter of the Kirchner policies. It began with her giving her opinion about inflation in 2017. I also offered my thoughts.

What followed was completely unexpected. You can see the whole thing on this link.

Vallejos morphed into a shouting machine – she was all over the place – talking about different topics at the same time and making a lot of accusations. In short, it turned into a rant. She continuously interrupted me and did her best to stop me from giving my opinion. I think that her behavior was a perfect example of the overbearing Kirchner style we saw throughout their years in power. Her behavior was so inappropriate that I’m certain I would have been accused of sexism if I had done the same to her.

But I don’t want to bore you with a blow by blow – I just needed to let off some steam. If you want to see the whole video, here is the link. You can make up your own mind about it.

So lets move on to happier topics and focus on what I originally planned to discuss this week.

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