On the Eve of the Euro’s Collapse, Look Toward Moscow

10.02.2017 • Emerging Markets

By Simone Wapler – Strategy of Simone Wapler (France) –

What about all this? The euro risks disintegration.

A cruel reality will soon surface: “the hand that gives is above the hand that receives”. This phrase is by Napoleon Bonaparte, who was facing a financial crisis. “When a government is dependent on the bankers for money, it is the latter, not the government leaders, who control the situation, since the giving hand is over the receiving hand. ”

But the dollar is not a haven of peace. We know that the dollar is under uncertain influence (I have not even spoken to you about China). Equity and bond markets are still at high levels.

I therefore propose today a bold challenge, which will take us far from the Eurozone. I will recommend you to invest on Russia because not only will the economy grow stronger and its growth accelerate but its currency, the ruble, should also strengthen against other currencies (dollar and euro).

So head for Russia!

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