Where’s the Best Place for Your Money Today, Stocks or Gold?

13.02.2017 • Gold and Natural Resources

By Nick O’Connor – Capital & Conflict (Great Britain) –

Quick. Answer on your gut. Where’s the best place for your money today, stocks or gold?

OK, so perhaps that’s an unfair question. I don’t expect you to answer important questions about your finances on a “gut feeling” – although, as I’ll show you later this week, you can predict and anticipate many market moves through understanding pure human instinct.

Really what I want to show you is how understanding the relationship between stocks and gold can help you get into big bull markets (and avoid bear markets) for both assets. That’s what Eoin Treacy is going to explain to you today.

By the way, this is all a part of making every issue of Capital & Conflict more useful and actionable for you.

The main criticism I receive is that our daily letters are all “doom and gloom”. I happen to think that’s unfair. But it’s something I’m going to go out of my way to rectify. As well as alerting you to potential threats to your money – and there are plenty – I want to present you with valuable insights you can use to grow your money and solve problems, too.

Today’s piece is the start of that. Plus if you’re an income seeker, and your plans have been clobbered by low interest rates, look out for my notes later in the week. I think I have the answer!

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