A Peek Inside the German Mailbag on Trump

14.02.2017 • Politics and War

By Thomas Schwarzer – Wealth Protection Today (Germany) –

At this point, we always pick up your messages, comments, criticism and, of course, praise in loose order. It is nice to see how many people are engaged in our service. Thanks a lot for this.
We try to give thought to our articles. We see things and developments sometimes from a different angle and due to a long experience partly different from the mainstream news. This also means that we have a clear opinion. Which does not always meet with all expectations. And that’s good.
At this point we would also like to point out our new service with which we will start in a few weeks. In regular editions, we go even deeper, analyze different topics, and clearly tell you how to protect your money and your savings not only from money and other things, but even more. You can look forward to exciting editions!
We have received a lot of letters on the topic of Donald Trump and the impact on the German economy and the world trade. This shows clearly that the new US president is extremely polarized. Because your opinions are very clear. Many are afraid of Trump, others find it good that he “cleans” and tackles things.
Rosemarie T. writes:
“I think Trump is dangerous and vain. And dishonest. My little money is with the savings bank. I have no fear that I could lose it. I think I have much too little. But anyway thanks for the article “.
Dear Mrs. T.,
Surely we must give Donald Trump a chance and certainly wait for the first 100 days to assess how it goes on. After what I have seen so far, however, considers it also extremely dangerous. The hope remains that Trump will grow into his new role and become something “diplomatic”. However, I am afraid that he will go his way with all his harshness. Without regard to losses. Without regard for democracy and fundamental rights. If it does not succeed to slow him down in the coming months, I am afraid that we will be facing some difficult years.

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