Six Investment Categories You Should Have In Your Portfolio

14.02.2017 • Investing

By Federico Tessore – Pasaporte Inversor (Argentina) –

Many of the investment strategies we put forward at Global Investor are based on achieving extraordinary returns. Everything from options strategies to small business investments to sophisticated trading strategies.

Why do we do this?

It’s simple: because that’s what our readers are looking for. Simple, quick, extraordinary returns.

So we give them what they want. That’s how we’re able attract thousands of readers from around the world.

But our mission doesn’t end there. That’s where it begins.

Because our responsibility is not only to give our clients what they want, but also give them what they need.

And what you need isn’t only big returns. What an individual investor needs is to have a plan and to build a diversified portfolio.

That’s why I want to spend today explaining the six categories of investments we recommend every investor have in his portfolio.

These six types of investments are:

1. High Performance Stocks
2. Intelligent Speculation Investments
3. Stocks to Hold for a Lifetime
4. Fixed Income Investments
5. Real Estate Investments
6. Cash & Insurance

Let’s explore them…

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