Not All Investment Publications are Created Equal

22.02.2017 • Investing

By Kris Sayce – Port Phillip Insider (Australia) –

In today’s egalitarian society, the concept of grades has become increasingly controversial.

After all, we live in a thin-skinned — or progressive, if you prefer — age, when every kid gets a prize. Where classifying one person as particularly skilled or intelligent inherently labels others as uncoordinated or — gasp — stupid.

But without grades, how can you objectively classify performance? Whether we’re talking about individuals or institutions, it makes little sense to award everyone a trophy. What if the Michelin Guide gave every hotel and restaurant three stars? You’d be led to believe that every place falls under the heading, ‘Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey.’

You only need to sample the schnitzels at half a dozen pubs to know that’s not the case.

The same holds true in the investment world. That’s why, every year, I bust out the old gradebook and run the numbers on Port Phillip Publishing’s line of investment advisories. And though every editor and publication offers something valuable and unique to their subscribers…they do not all get winners’ trophies.

Last Wednesday I brought you the first part of Port Phillip Publishing’s 2016 Report Card. In it I detailed the performance of seven of our advisory services. And I didn’t pull any punches. If you missed that, you can review it here.

Today I’ll cover off the six remaining services.

But first, to the markets.

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