Are You Prepared for a Digital 9/11?

23.02.2017 • Tech

By Chris Lowe – Inner Circle (USA) –

We’re living through the world’s first cyberwar.

And it will define Donald Trump’s presidency.

As commander-in-chief, he may even face a “digital 9/11” – a cyberattack so devastating that it threatens to bring the country to its knees.

That’s why it’s front and center on his radar. Here’s what the president said at a recent White House meeting:

I will hold my Cabinet secretaries and agency heads accountable – totally accountable – for the cybersecurity of their organizations, which we probably don’t have as much, certainly not as much as we need… We must protect federal networks and data.
And it’s not just something for the president’s radar. As this week’s expert reveals below, YOU are also in the firing line.
Because not only are your savings in the bank at risk, but also everything from the printer in your office, the traffic lights on your street, and the grid that powers your home can be hacked, controlled, tampered with, or destroyed.
A virtual attack, in other words, could have real consequences in the real world.
The Next Big Crisis
Cyberwarfare – and how to defend against it – is one of our Inner Circle Top Themes. (See Top Themes below.)


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