Digital Wars: Prepare Before They Hit You

27.02.2017 • Tech

By Ankit Shah – Vivek Kaul’s Inner Circle (India) –

When I say war, it does not necessarily mean an armed conflict.

War is the opposite of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship creates, and war destroys.

Yet entrepreneurship and war are not isolated from each other.

‘Wars’ are part and parcel of the process of the market place, where competitors fight each other over the consumer pie.

Likewise, enterprises have a key role in providing the equipment and supplies for wars and conflicts.

If you know to look in the right direction, you can find lucrative opportunities even in the midst of wars.

In today’s Inner Circle issue, we first start with the ‘war’ in India’s telecom industry.

From our research desk in Mumbai, Tanushree Banerjee (Research Analyst) presents an interesting perspective on the upheaval in India’s telecom industry after Reliance Jio’s disruptive entry last year.

How are rivals reacting? Who will win this ‘war’?

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