Congressional Christmas Comes Early

02.03.2017 • Politics and War

By Bill Bonner – Bill Bonner’s Diary (USA) –

We have enough puzzle pieces in place so we can see, vaguely, the big picture:

We are going to spend the next few years in a dystrumpian world… with more of what we’ve come to expect – robbed by the fake-money system… flimflammed by the insiders… and frequently mistweeted by our own president.


Soon, the sordid battle will begin in Congress. The pols are going to take “The Donald’s” proposals (Congress has ceded much of its constitutional responsibility to legislate to the executive branch)… and they’re going to “Christmas tree” them.

That is, they’re going to hang all sorts of expensive baubles on them, each plum designed to pay off some campaign contributor, lobbyist, or Deep State insider.

The result – whether it is tax reform, infrastructure boondoggles, or military wampum – will hardly form the basis for a coherent program of any sort, and especially not a coherent program that will reduce the win-lose deals presently sapping the economy.

Instead, what’s new will be what was already old… more debt, more claptrap, and more waste of the economy’s real savings.

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