Letter to the Editor: Kick Greece Out!

02.03.2017 • Politics and War

By Thomas Schwarzer – Wealth Protection Today (Germany) –

We would like to thank you very much for your letters, questions, comments and comments, which are received daily by us in the editorial office. We would like to take this up and publish your messages at this point.
Please understand that we can not answer all the correspondence. There are just too many for that. For reasons of space we have to shorten your communications, unfortunately, or only publish them in parts. Both are not bad intentions.
I would also like to refer to our new service, which will be launched in these days. After months of preparation, it’s finally time. You can look forward to exciting editions where we cover topics related to your money, your assets and your personal finances. With analyzes and tips, what is to be done these days in order to protect themselves against money evaluation, state accesses and repressions.
We received a lot of letters from Greece. In this respect, it looks like the country will be paid the next billions. 
Mr. R. wrote to us:
“Greece has NEVER been” helped “by any government and no bank at all. These “banks” have only refinanced themselves through Greece. Greece can only help itself by leaving this unspeakable EU, which is generally dissolved and dedicating itself to its own internal market. The Greeks, like every other country, must again introduce their own currency. “
Dear Mister.,
In almost all rescue operations, I thought it was primarily a question of stabilizing the banks and preventing them from collapsing. And the EU needs to deal with how it “accompanies” Greece from the euro and possibly also from the EU. A relatively flexible system must be created in which countries can enter and leave the country. Only in this way do Greece and the EU have a future.
Wolfgang H .:
“I am of the opinion that with the help of Greece it is finally enough. Get out of the euro into the drachma. Debt is not enacted. “
Dear Mr. H.,
I totally agree. Greece needs a new start and must be on its own. The Greeks need a perspective again. A whole generation is broken. The debts can still persist. And a form of repayment will be agreed.
The opinion of Mr. Andreas W. goes in the same direction:
“Greece has to leave the Eurozone, only then can the country recover. The billions that have flowed have not brought anything, the politicians should finally resign themselves to reality. “
Dear Mr. W.,
That’s the problem. The policy is based on an EU system that is overtaken in this form and needs a refresher or a complete new start.
Markus H. notes this:
“Greece and the EU can not go further. My opinion: debt cut yes, and indeed radically. Anyone who borrowed money from Greece had to know that he did not get it back, including the EU and the ECB. Other help (except the radical debt cut) no! Greece has to get out of the euro, because it has never fulfilled the prerequisites of becoming a member of the Euro-Club. “
Dear Mr. H.,
I think there must be a total package for Greece on the table. In which also a debt cut can be included. However, this is for me only very far behind settled. For other, heavily indebted countries would demand the same. This could trigger an avalanche which could hardly be controlled.
There are also numerous letters on the subject of inflation and the biggest financial destruction of this century.
One of these is by Michael D .:
“It is the beginning of the end! If this level of continued inflation targets is defined as 5% or more before a counter-move by a rate hike begins. We would then no longer have a creeping, but an effective, economically shaped expropriation of the masses. If that is the aim of the ruling class, war (civil war) is inevitable. “
Dear Mr D.,
The inflation is rising, is part of the financial repression and quite wanted. But you can protect yourself against money. To this end, we constantly try to give thought-provoking ideas. We give specific recommendations and tips in our new service, which starts these days. Incl. Analyzes and comments. I am happy to help you to try this service.
An interesting approach is pursued by Simone B .:
“I have only recently been registered with you to benefit from your information and tips. Thanks for that. I would like to share with you how to protect my money: if possible, immediately. This is not so difficult as I am earning just as much for a month, despite reasonable training and 20 years of professional experience. “
Dear Mrs. B.,
Nice that you like the newsletter. The money to spend is certainly not wrong. As you know, the last shirt has no pockets. And life is sometimes shorter than you think.
Gold also reaches us over and over again.
So from HP K .:
“Have ever invested in gold. And I have a cheating company. Waiting for the outcome of the insolvency proceedings. Thank you for your execution! “
Dear Mr. K.,
Which is very annoying and I hope it will end well for you and you get your money back. Everywhere, where there are huge sums of money in the game, there are unfortunately also many sheep. Unfortunately, I can not comment on your case because I do not know any details. Physical gold should be bought only from the big and well-known gold merchants. Do not let any dubious intern traders. I would never transfer a high sum in advance, but always pick it up personally. Unfortunately, there are some untrustworthy providers for financial investors and financial products. Also, I would always prefer big banks and investment houses. Generally speaking, the higher the yield promises, the more risk. Earning a lot without risk is not there. Even if it is always promised.
Thank you again for your letters, praise and criticism. They are thought-provoking things we want to give you on different topics. Which affect you, your money and your freedom.
Thomas Schwarzer
Thomas Schwarzer
PS: You can of course write us any comment. We look forward to hearing from you at redaktion@pronomio.de

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