Time to “Don” the Red Cap

02.03.2017 • Politics and War

By Kris Sayce – Port Phillip Insider (Australia) –

Making investing great again

So, after all our talk about recession, what’s the deal with these soaring stock markets?

The Wall Street Journal explains:

‘The Dow industrials surged more than 300 points to their first-ever close above 21000, underpinned by the Federal Reserve’s growing confidence in the U.S. economic outlook and by investor hopes that President Donald Trump will deliver policies that boost growth.’

Yesterday, before a joint session of the US Congress, Donald Trump explained (without providing details) how he was going to ‘Make America Great Again’.

You could hear a smattering of boos in the background, but there were mostly cheers.

It got us thinking. Maybe all it takes is donning a nifty, red baseball cap with ‘Make America Great Again’ on it, and great things can happen.

So we tried it this morning.
We’ll let you know if anything happens. Heck, we’ll be happy with ‘good’ if we can’t get ‘great’. We don’t want to set our benchmark too high.

According to Bloomberg, the US Federal Reserve is indeed happy about the way things look:

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