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03.03.2017 • Investing

By Kris Sayce – Port Phillip Insider (Australia) –

We enjoyed this news story from the KPIX CBS affiliate in San Francisco:

‘California could have to hand over some documents on cellphone use it tried to keep under wraps.

‘On Friday, a Superior Court judge ruled the state must release papers discussing the possible risks of long-term cellphone use.

‘The documents were written by the state’s Environmental Health Investigations branch and are believed to contain cellphone radiation warnings and recommendations for public use.

‘But the state refused to hand them over when requested by a director at University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health.

‘So Joel Moskowitz, Ph.D., sued the state under the California Public Records Act.

‘Moskowitz, Director at the Center for Family and Community Health at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health explained to KPIX 5 the reason he sued, “I would like this document to see the light of day because it will inform the public that there is concern within the California Department of Public Health that cellphone radiation is a risk, and it will provide them with some information about how to reduce those risks.”

‘When asked why he thinks the state is trying to suppress this document, he said, “They claim that this would lead to chaos and confusion among the public, I suspect that they were afraid of the reaction from the telecommunications industry should they publish this document. In fact, they even argued that in their brief.”’

Interesting. It draws a nice parallel with the climate change argument. You’d think that the fear of a scorched Earth and rising oceans, would also ‘lead to chaos and confusion among the public’.

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