How You Can Avoid (And Profit From) Cyber Crime

03.03.2017 • Investing

By Chris Lowe – Inner Circle (USA) –

Imagine a burglar breaking into your home and staying there for more than six months…

…without you knowing a thing…

According to this week’s experts – two former government “spooks” on the frontlines of the global cyberwar – that’s exactly what cyber criminals are doing right now.

A hacker who infiltrates a computer network typically goes unnoticed for 200 days.

If that hacker, or group of hackers, is particularly sophisticated, the breach typically goes unnoticed for 300 days – almost a year.

It’s a scary thought…

And if you use a credit card, have a bank account, trade with an online broker, have a cellphone contract, buy online, stay in hotels, eat in restaurants… anything that involves you adding your personal details to an online database… chances are you’ve already been a victim of this kind of “burglary” – whether you know it or not.

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