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06.03.2017 • Tech

By Selva Freigedo – Port Phillip Insider Extra (Australia) –

Have you heard of Black Hat? Black Hat is a computer security/hacker conference that takes place every year in Las Vegas.

If you’re thinking Black Hat is just a bunch of nerds getting together and speaking Klingon — the fictional language from Star Trek — think again. Black Hat is one of the leading cybersecurity conferences in the world.

The conference serves as a forum for researchers to look for vulnerabilities in computer programs. It brings together the best minds in the cybersecurity industry, from hackers to researchers and government agencies. That´s right, hackers and government officials, all together under one roof.

Demonstrators attending the event have managed to hack everything on stage from social media to boarding passes, even light bulbs.

The name ´black hat’ is a reference to classic Western movies, where the ‘bad’ cowboys wore black hats while the ‘good’ ones wore white. In this case, black hats are hackers breaking into people’s computers for personal gain, while white hats are those guys trying to stop them.

Black Hat has grown from a few people meeting on fold-out tables in 1997, to 11,000 attendees during the last conference on 30 July to 4 August.

Yet attending Black Hat has its risks.

What I mean is, hackers are a funny lot. They love playing pranks, and nothing that connects to the internet is safe around them.

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