La Pen: Not Mightier Than the Euro

07.03.2017 • Central Banks

By Simone Wapler – The Strategy of Simone Wapler (France) –

Dear Reader, No this is not a campaign slogan.

The candidate of the National Front became the obsession of holders of French sovereign debt, 60% of whom are foreigners outside the euro zone.

One of the highlights of the National Front program is a “negotiated” exit from the euro and return to the franc.

More and more people seem to think that an exit of the euro would be a good thing for France and rely on the experience of Brexit to support this thesis.

Without taking sides for a political positioning, it seemed important to us to show that the reality of an exit from the Eurozone would be quite different, figures in support.

If we talk about it today, it is because investors around the world are watching and awaiting the exit of the ballot boxes to press the button “Sell France” if the result does not please them.

This month, we will explain why we believe that a eurozone exit would be a disaster, but we will also help you prepare for it by putting in portfolio 2 stocks that could bring you respectively 3.5% And 3.35% yield.

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