The Biggest Construction Project Since the Great Depression

08.03.2017 • Politics and War

Thomas Schwarzer – Wealth Protection Today (Germany) –

It is one of Donald Trump’s main election promises. The new US president wants to build a wall. On the American-Mexican border. And thus the neighbors the friendship cancel. This kilometer-long construction project is not only a logistical mammoth project. It is also a project that involves a lot of money. German companies are also likely to participate in the controversial construction of the Berlin Wall.

Cash usage now also limited in Germany?
In Sweden you can not even pay a train ticket with cash …
In many European countries, transfers of more than € 1,000 are severely restricted …
And in India, after the abolition of two banknotes, a serious financial crisis has broken out …

Greatest construction project since the Great Depression
It is the largest public construction project in the US since the establishment of the huge Hoover Dam in the 1930s. During the great depression.
Donald Trump wants to close the border with Mexico and build a wall on the 3,200 kilometer border line. At the end of January the US President signed a decree. And so de facto the construction of the wall. 
Already in the coming months it should go. The allegedly high illegal immigration and drug trafficking are to be combated by the concrete and steel barrier.
How Mexico should pay for it is unclear
However, the wall is supposed to pay the Mexicans. How, that is so far still unclear. To this end, there are only a few different ideas:
On the one hand, transfers to Mexico could be subject to a special tax. On the other hand, visa fees for Mexicans could be increased dramatically. And imports from Mexico could also be subject to a higher extrasteur.  
Up to $ 50 billion in orders
Many details are still unknown. However, it is already clear that billions are involved in the gigantic construction project. The cost of building the wall is estimated to be between 15 and 50 billion US dollars. The margin is therefore so great, because it is not yet clear where and on what sections the wall should stand. Experts estimate that at least 40,000 workers are needed to build the wall. From a logistical point of view, this also presents some challenges for the US.
Whatever the details will look like later, it is all about proud sums and lucrative assignments. Particularly in the case of American construction companies, the cash registers are likely to ring strongly The shares of almost all companies that are linked to the value chain have risen significantly in recent months. Investors expect the ruble to roll.
Curious is that the stock of the largest Mexican building land Cemex has increased significantly since Trump’s election victory. 
Even German corporations want a piece of cake
Not only in the US, but also in Germany could construction companies benefit from Trumps projects. For as always, when a lot of money is in the game, many of them want to cut off a bit. Although the Bauhaus Hochtief was now repelled by pressure from the public, it had previously been clear. “We are open to everything,” says Marcelino Fernandez Veres, Chairman of the Board of Management. North America is an important market for high depth. The Group is represented by two subsidiaries in the USA. Sales last year were $ 11 billion. The share of US business in total sales is over 50 percent. Altogether, Hochtief employs around 9,500 people in the USA.
A shit-storm had previously triggered the boss of the Bauriesen Heidelberg CemenIn an interview Bernd Scheifele said provocatively that the wall was not made of wood, but of concrete. He also hinted that he saw a good opportunity to earn a lot of money.
Morally, the involvement is questionable
These are just a few examples of companies that could benefit from the construction of the Berlin Wall. Others will, of course, keep back with comments. Nevertheless, behind closed doors and away from the public, advice is given on how to participate in the megaproject.
Financially, the orders are certainly lucrative. As a model of the German-German division, I see walls like these but rather critical. 

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