Can Elon Musk Save Australia From an Energy Crisis?

14.03.2017 • The Economy

By Kris Sayce – Port Phillip Insider (Australia) –

You’ve got to give him an ‘A’ for PR skills.

We’re talking about Elon Musk, the chairman of Tesla Inc. [NASDAQ:TSLA].

Over the past few days, the world has gone gaga about Mr Musk’s plan to ‘solve’ South Australia’s energy crisis.

Musk tweeted:

‘Tesla will get the system installed and working 100 days from contract signature or it is free.’

According to ABC News:

‘In response to South Australia’s power problems, Tesla has been talking about a battery array capable of storing somewhere between 100 and 300MWh. While that’s a measure of storage, the actual output of these batteries isn’t clear.’

Sounds great. Then you look at the facts.

According to Australian energy regulator, the…erm…Australian Energy Regulator (AER), Australia’s current electricity capacity stands at a touch under 45,000 megawatts.

So if Mr Musk’s grand plan involves adding 100 to 300 megawatts to the capacity (we assume he’s talking about storage capacity), this number appears to be a rather small drop in the ocean.

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