Is Technology Going to Replace You?

15.03.2017 • Tech

By Iván Carrino – El Diario Del Lunes (Argentina) –

Dear Reader,
I’m writing to you today from a place and time far in the future. It’s winter, 2045. I can write with my mind. My robot “Robbie” interprets everything I think, translates my thoughts, and puts them into the word processor. That’s how I’m writing this report.
Robots do all my housekeeping. My house is a “smart” house, just like the ones you see on YouTube TV ads of 2022. Sensors calibrated to respond only to our profile turn on the outdoor lights open the door for us when we approach the house. When we finish eating, another robot, that fits into a shoebox when turned off, takes our dishes and glasses and puts them in the dishwasher. These domestic chores take less than five minutes.
This robot does all the housework. It’s wonderful.
Our house also has an impenetrable security system. We no longer use alarms. The system shoots paralyzing rays at anyone trying to break in. The rays aren’t lethal; they just immobilize intruders – like ropes used to tie up thieves or robbers – until the police arrive in their self-driving cars. Research proved that machines are far better drivers than humans, so they banned humans driving five years ago.
The world has become a much more dangerous place. Mass layoffs left millions of workers without jobs, and a lot of people were unable to adapt to the new reality. Crime rates went up and black markets thrived. Those who can still find some kind of employment look for work in security companies, where they are often forced to fight people who were once their friends.

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