Real Estate Market Brightens in Buenos Aires

23.03.2017 • Emerging Markets

Last year I predicted that the real estate market would pick up. Today, just a little over a year after the lifting currency controls – “el cepo” –my predictions came true.
Dear Reader,
Last Thursday I attended the most important economic event of the year, the Argentine Economics and Finance Exposition (ExpoEFI) at the Hilton Hotel in Puerto Madero.
Getting to the Hilton on Thursday was an ordeal. Since I work in the district of Palermo, I tend to forget what a mess Buenos Aires can be.
I don’t know whose fault it is anymore. Whether it’s (mayor Horacio) Rodríguez Larreta’s fault, or protesters, or simply because there are too many cars driving around for the city’s roads and bridges to handle. I had to take my car because I had to take a bunch of copies of my new book (more details later) to the conference.
It was all good from Palermo to the Plaza Francia. After that, it was bumper-to-bumper
crawling a long at a snails pace.

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