Harvard Economists Build Case for the War on Cash

24.03.2017 • Tech

By Chris Lowe – Inner Circle (USA) –

“They’re coming for your money. Every last penny.”

That may sound like a weird, tinfoil-hat type of thing to say.

But it’s exactly what London-based Inner Circle analyst Ben Traynor has been warning his British Daily Reckoning readers.

Ben is not your typical conspiracy theorist. He’s a Cambridge University economics graduate with a special interest in monetary economics.

And what he’s talking about is very real – governments’ plan to take control of your wealth by outlawing banknotes and coins, aka the “War on Cash.”

As we’ve been tracking, governments around the world want a “cashless society.” That means no more Ben Franklins. No more nickels and dimes. Nothing but electronic 1s and 0s on a database in your bank.

Ben calls this the “digital slaughterhouse” – where ALL your savings are subject to whatever crazy policies central bankers come up with to cope with the next financial crisis.

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