Pot Stocks on the Rise in Australia

24.03.2017 • Investing

By Kris Sayce – Port Phillip Insider (Australia) –

The Aussie-listed cannabis sector is up nearly 140% this year. That significantly outpaces the 20% gain for the rest of the world’s cannabis stocks.

Of course, it’s fair to note that US cannabis stocks saw a terrific run in 2016 leading up to the November elections — when legalisation of marijuana was on the ballot in several states.

An unethical b*stard?

More from Bloomberg:

‘There are similarities to the dot-com boom where only a couple of Australian medicinal cannabis companies will become giants, John Athanasiou, chief executive officer of brokerage Red Leaf Securities told Bloomberg TV Friday.’

However, Athanasiou went on to explain that the sector has a bright future:

‘What politician in their right mind will be that heartless to reverse this legislation which allows a child who’s suffering from multiple diseases not to use medical marijuana.’

Politicians do crazy things all the time, so we wouldn’t put it past them.

To us, the legalisation of cannabis (or marijuana, if you prefer) is a no-brainer. For a start: What government thinks it should have the right to ban a naturally-occurring plant?

It just doesn’t make sense. It’s about as illogical as a government deciding to ban stinging nettles because they cause harm.

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