Brazilian Beef Takes A Drubbing

27.03.2017 • Australia

By Selva Freigedo – Port Phillip Insider (Australia) –

It was just before the start of the weekend — prime time weekend barbeque planning — when the news broke. Last Friday, 17 March, the Brazilian Federal police launched a massive raid on meat producers, in an operation called ‘weak flesh’.

That day Brazilians found out they were serving more than just meat at their barbeques. The menu included cancerous products to dissimilate the smell of rotten meat, pigs head — prohibited in Brazil — and cardboard mixed in with meat. According to the police, a small number of meat inspectors had been allegedly taking bribes to allow sales of meat not up to health code.

Weak flesh indeed.

The name of the operation was no doubt a pun on the quantity of meat — or lack thereof — in meat products, and a reference to government agents with weak morals.

Understandably, the Brazilian public was outraged — and panicked.

The scandal tainted world-trusted brands like BFR and JBS. Friboi, part of JBS, is the main brand used for barbeques in Brazil. In Australia, JBS also has well-known brands like King Island Beef and Riverina Beef.

In a matter of hours, JBS stock value fell 10% and BFR’s fell 7%.

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