Can German Carmakers Maintain Their Sizzling Profits?

28.03.2017 • Germany

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The German car makers are producing a lot of headlines these days. Of Ferdinand Piech, the major shareholder of VW & Porsche, the company is the largest shareholder in the world. With all the figures, car makers. To be on the agenda this year. Instead, peace, joy, and eggs are called for.


Bonus and special payments on the assembly line


I do not know how much I like it, but I do not like it.


Every Porsche employee receives a one-time special payment of 9111 euros. From the assembly line worker to the Wachmann to the cleaning woman. Everyone! Who does not want to work there?


The staff will be rewarded for the great last financial year. Porsche is the most profitable car maker in the world. On the other hand, the amount of Daimler pays is slightly more modest. “Only” about 5400 euros the Stuttgart to the accounts of their colleagues.


Quandt family scrapes a billion


BMW employees also amass big bonuses. A skilled worker gets an additional 9,000 euros. Since it is almost no wonder that two coworkers just a few days ago completely stifled and drunk the assembly line in Munich lahmung. Probably for the joy of the thick coal.


But the most important thing about the cake is the family Quandt. You belong to BMW as a major shareholder. It receives a profit participation of around 1.07 billion euro. The Quandt family is the only one of two persons: Stefan Quandt and Susanne Klatten.


With full gas it should go on


As far as the “actual state”. As the stock market is known for the future, we look ahead at what comes. And if you have not, the numbers go on. BMW plans to set new records again this year. Sales, profit and sales.That would be the eighth year in a row with increases. Respect!Daimler, too, can keep pounding on the shoulder. In the past year, the competitor BMW was pushing out of the throne and this should remain so this year.And at VW the double turbo is to be on.For the exhaustion scandal, the Wolfsburg astonishingly already last year left behind. And a profit of 7.1 billion euros retracted.


Controversial company patriarch gets out


With VW we are already with Ferdinand Piech. It is about a completely surprising development and it is about a lot of money. The company patriarch, who took the threads of the past decades behind the scenes and neatly moved all the marionettes, went off and silvered his share package at the VW Porsche empire.


It is a bitter end for the 80-year-old, who apparently breaks all the bridges and does not go as a friend but as an enemy. This is the end of a long family dispute. Ferdinand Piech is not the winner.


The automann led the VW Group to the world leader. No question. However, he also produced scandals on the assembly line. From corruption to puff visits. Ach … by the way, Piech gets at least one billion euros for his share package. What does it mean? Because in old age you have everything.


A dream environment for profit


At the moment, it is running like this in the German autobahn. BMW, Daimler & Co. raced with 200 on the highway, the ruble rolls. And that’s just as well. Only in the pace should it not go. The weather is changing. The clouds on the horizon intensify. The basic conditions were almost ideal in the last three years. Cheap money and thus. Robust economies in most industrialized countries. And a weak euro, which has benefited the entire industry.


Motorcycle driving in bad weather


There is a risk that these parameters will change. Interest rates are increasing. This will bring some more difficult cars to the man or the woman. Or the profits will be so low.


After numerous hot years, the world economy is threatening a cooling down. Protectionism, that is, foreclosure, is still an issue. Even if the verbal attacks from the US have fallen somewhat. And the euro could be a big comeback this year. If the elections in Europe are not finished with a big victory of Eurogegner. An appreciation of 15 to 20 percent I think is very realistic.


Do you think the fat years of the cars are over? And what do you think of Ferdinand Piech throwing and throwing the towel? Please write to






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