Street Protests Not the Answer to What Ails Argentina

28.03.2017 • Argentina

By Ivan Carrino – The Monday Journal (Argentina) –

Dear Reader,
It was another week of chaos in the city. Just like in 2001, demonstrators took over the
streets and millions of honest hardworking Argentines who just wanted to get to work
were caught up in the mess and treated like second-class citizens.
Whatever happened to Article 14 of the Constitution that guarantees all Argentines the
right to “move across Argentine territory,” and Patricia Bullrich’s anti-picketing protocol?
Kirchnerism is alive and well, and pushing for the government to fall.
They’re doing their best to make it happen. I don’t know if Cristina Fernández Kirchner
is really behind it all, but there’s not a doubt in my mind it’s her supporters who are out
there doing everything they can to try to give the impression of “social unrest.”
As if the CGT, the “Polo Obrero” union and the trade union led by Roberto Baradel are
the only true representatives of “the people.” Yet they leave out ordinary people who
take the subway every day to get to work or Buenos Aires residents who want their
children to get to school on time.

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