Five German Companies You Should Be Watching This Week

29.03.2017 • Germany

Julien Backhaus – Wealth Protection Today (Germany) –

The new exchange week will be interesting again. There are many new numbers. No wonder the hopes are great in these sunny days.


Certain shareholders can earn a billion euros through dividends that are now distributed. This has just been proven by heirs of a large German company. BMW heirs have embraced this immense amount and are thereby symbolizing how rich investors can become with dividends.


Just in these weeks, it is likely that you will be given a warm cash if you have adhered to certain basic rules. This includes investing in stocks of companies that generate high corporate profits and thus distribute profits, ie, dividends.


The German billiard


In Germany, the distribution volume is currently around 40 billion euros. As an investor, you will also make a lot of money with a correspondingly high proportion of German shares. Let’s look at the individual numbers, so that you may get an extra motivation for your investment.


The dividend yield on the Allianz share is therefore very high on a current basis. 4.6% you get if you were to invest now. BASF also gives you a high share of the profits and you could leverage your efforts. After all, the dividend yield is 3.5%, which is higher than for many bonds of the same company.


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More than 4% dividend yields are possible


Whoever buys the stock of BMW does not have to watch the heirs, but cash itself out properly. The dividend yield is at a high 4.2%. That would mean you get about five times as much as for a normal daily money account. Similarly, if you buy the shares of the other major automotive group outside of VW, the development is positive for you. Daimler can offer you a dividend yield of even more than 4.5%.


You will also pay tidily if you have the shares of Deutsche Post or Deutsche Telekom in the portfolio. Here, the dividend yield is almost 4% based on your current capi- tal use.


Deutsche Lufthansa is also not stingy and pays dividends to shareholders, which leads to a dividend yield of 3.7%. However, the stock of Munich Re is particularly good. Here, investors are referring to the rate you would have to pay now, after all, 4.8% return by the dividend alone. The former MDax value ProSiebenSatz.1 Media shows a little more money. In this case, 5.1% dividend yield is possible with respect to the purchase price.


Substance is important


Apart from that, Siemens is also attractive, although the Munich company will not distribute again until January of next year. Here, as an investor, you would get a dividend yield of 3.5%.


Finally, Vonovia as a housing construction company is a dividend-strong equity company. If you now buy at the current price, you can expect a dividend yield of 4.0%, which is a fourfold of what many bonds currently offer at high rates.


You see that you can also get high returns with seemingly normal stocks and a lower capital. Make sure that the substance of the company is right and especially to the source of the dividends. Anyone who does not fund dividends from the profits will be at risk for you. You can check this using the balance sheets. In turn, you can quickly see them on every portal on the Internet.

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