Is Reagon Era Prosperity Making A Triumphant Return?

31.03.2017 • Investing

By Chris Lowe – Inner Circle (USA) –

There’s plenty of doom and gloom out there. Including from some of our own big picture thinkers. And maybe they’re right…

But what if I told you that America is on the cusp of massive wealth creation? What if stocks are on track to outperform every other asset class – by a long shot?

And what if the single best way to build wealth today is to ignore short-term corrections in the stock market… and keep right on buying?

That’s the message from this week’s expert, Palm Beach Research Group’s Teeka Tiwari. He says we’re on the cusp of what President Reagan called “Morning Again in America” – a time of optimism, growth, and rising wealth.

Golden Ratio

This forecast may be shocking – especially if you believe the American economy is doomed.

But that’s our mission here at Inner Circle: to bring you the best ideas, insights, and recommendations from our global network… even if they ruffle some feathers.

What’s gotten Teeka so excited?

It’s a market timing indicator he calls the “golden ratio.” By tapping into one of the most powerful economic forces in the world, it’s able to predict long-term stock market cycles… and it hasn’t been wrong in over 100 years.

As Teeka reveals in this week’s Q&A, by harnessing this force, you’ll do better than virtually every professional money manager out there. And you’ll do it without losing a wink of sleep…

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