If You Can’t Ride the Bull, Get Out Of The Rodeo

05.04.2017 • Brazil

By Felipe Miranda – Daily Pro (Brazil) 

Despair can set in fast.

Everyone is confident and unshakable – fearless like Muhammad Ali – until they hit their first obstacle – even a minor one. Even the bull stud turns meek at the softest touch of the spur to his muscular belly.

With the fall of the Ibovespa in March, everyone’s asking: “The bull market is over, right?” Makes no
difference if the index still makes significant gains in 2017, putting stocks among the best investments of the year.

Doesn’t matter that it gained about 30% in the last 12 months. The tiniest downturn will shock even the most confident person.

No one can stand to look at the red tickers without checking in with his broker.

“I better get out of the market ahead of everyone else – before I lose everything….”
I see a lot of worry to little effect. March was a totally different for me than for everyone else. Maybe I
was born different – and I freely admit this is probably why – but it feels like I spent the last 30 days on
another planet.

While everyone else is skeptical of the bull market, I’m even more optimistic about stocks. I can’t explain the despair everyone felt over a fall of 1.7% in the month. It didn’t go down that much after double-digit gains over a very short period of time.

Why did the stock market go down in March?

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