3 Reasons to Stay Positive About Tech Stocks

13.04.2017 • United Kingdom

By Dan Denning – Southbank Private Briefing (Great Britain) –

Technology can’t save the world and it can’t destroy it.

Tech is just a tool. It’s how we humans use it that will determine what kind of world we live in.

That’s a bit philosophical to start this week’s The Southbank Private Briefing.

But I’m feeling nostalgic. I’m writing to you from Raleigh, North Carolina. The area is a big hub for technology research, innovation and venture capital.

I worked here, briefly, as a marketing director for a software company in the late 1990s.

Lured by the promise of stock options and an IPO or acquisition from a big player (Microsoft), I learned the hard way that not all tech dreams come true. But some do.

And the investment case is clear: tech stocks are leveraged to “positive surprises.”

You can’t value something that hasn’t happened, like a breakthrough technology or lifechanging invention.

A business goes from potential to massive profit overnight. That’s what seduces investors and speculators about the opportunity in tech.

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