Reading the Market in a Father’s Cigarettes

13.04.2017 • Brazil

By Felipe Miranda – Daily Pro (Brazil) –

Mom hated the Stock Market. You really couldn’t expect anything else after everything that

The complete devastation of our financial ruin left no room for forgiveness, even to a
devoted Catholic raised to the Sacrament of Confessional.

Dad, however, was the complete opposite. He loved it. It was his passion, in the most literal
sense of the word.

Passion comes from pathos, pathology, disease.

Kierkegaard taught me that passion muddies the conditions for making decisions and taking action, leaving the impassioned unable to do anything but be witness to their own suffering.

I could measure his trading losses by the number of drags he took of his cigarette.

He would leave the office where he had his workstation, equipped with an Enfoque terminal and dial-up
internet, and come into the living room.

I would observe him from my desk. One eye on polynomials and the other on his anguished figure.

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