U.S. Missile Strike in Syria Sends Gold Soaring

14.04.2017 • United States

By Chris Lowe – Inner Circle (USA)

The stock market shrugged off the increasing tensions between the U.S. and Russia.

But investors scrambled to buy “disaster insurance” gold, which typically does well during times of heightened geopolitical risk and military conflict.

On Friday, the day after the missiles struck Homs, gold blew through highs not seen since November. It’s left the yellow metal up 13% from its low last December.

That’s why I reached out to one of our go-to precious metals investing experts, Charlie Morris…

Our mission at Inner Circle is to bring you the best and most profitable recommendations from the global network of analysts Agora founder Bill Bonner has put together. So I wanted to get Charlie’s thoughts on what’s ahead for the Midas metal.

Charlie spent 17 years at British bank HSBC managing a range of multi-asset funds before becoming the chief strategist in our London office. He also runs a monthly investment advisory service called the Atlas Pulse Report, which focuses on gold, silver, and precious metals mining shares.

As you’ll learn in this week’s Q&A, Charlie is not only bullish on gold, he also believes now is a great time to invest in some unusual alternatives.

Alternatives that offer more explosive upside than a regular investment in gold or even gold miners…

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