The Fear That Keeps Elon Musk Up At Night

17.04.2017 • Australia

By Selva Freigedo – Port Phillip Insider Extra (Australia) –

There is something worrying Elon Musk, Tesla Inc.’s [NASDAQ:TSLA] CEO.

Tesla has just passed General Motors Company [NYSE:GM] to become America’s most valued carmaker, yet the company is expected to lose more than US$950 million this year.

But that’s not what’s keeping Musk awake at night.

What’s haunting Musk is the possibility that artificial intelligence (AI) will turn rogue.

Musk believes AI is the biggest threat to humanity. As he said a few years ago at MIT, ‘With artificial intelligence, we are summoning the demon.

His biggest fear?

As reporter Ashlee Vance published in Elon Musk: Tesla, Space X and the Quest for a Fantastic Future, he is terrified that Google’s cofounder and CEO Larry Page may unintentionally build a fleet of artificial intelligence-enhanced robots that could destroy mankind.

“I’m really worried about this,” Musk said. It didn’t make Musk feel any better that he and Page were very close friends and that he felt Page was fundamentally a well-intentioned person and not Dr. Evil… “He could produce something evil by accident.”

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