Theresa May Calls For Surprise Election

18.04.2017 • United Kingdom

By Dan Denning – Southbank Investment Daily (Great Britain) –

Eoin Treacy wake up and call your office! The prime minister has decided to capitalise on her party’s 18% lead in the opinion polls and call for a general election on 8 June. Prepare yourself for 50 days of endless political blather and political speculation, most of which will be a waste of time and none of which will be profitable.

Unless, that is, Eoin finds an angle for it with Brexit Speculator. As the name of the service suggests, it was started to exploit opportunities arising from the two-year Brexit negotiations. It’s not a long-term wealth-building strategy. It’s short-term speculating for people who like to short-term speculate.

And now it comes with a twist. If the Conservatives come back with an even larger majority, does it increase the odds of Britain leaving the EU without a trade deal? Will it influence the current negotiations with the EU? And am I jumping the gun by assuming two-thirds of MPs will back the call for an early election?

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