Argentines Are Being Robbed (and They Don’t Even Know It)

19.04.2017 • Argentina

By Ivan Carrino – The Monday Journal (Argentina) – There was a lot happening last week and I was extremely busy. On the national level, we saw that the country is even more divided than we thought. It all began on April 1 with the spontaneous (and massive) demonstrations supporting democracy or, rather showing support for the current administration and standing against the lingering elements of Kirchnerism that are trying to throw a wrench in the works.
The most important lesson from the demonstrations is that “the streets” no longer belong exclusively to the usual political organizations we see protesting (leftist parties, protesters and unions), but that there are other voices that want to be heard as well. Another point to highlight is that the biggest losers of that afternoon were “the apparatus,” of the Peronist parties, the choripan (a free lunch handed out to demonstrators by political organizations backing the protest) and government money. They lost to a group of people who work, who use social media, and who just want to live in a normal country.
That protest was followed by the first general strike against the Cambiemos (Let’s Change) administration, on April 6. The left supported this labor strike – called by the CGT, (the CGT is the General Labor Confederation, the main union,) which tried to cut off access to the Federal capital using violence. In the end, the government had to intervene to clear the highways. This happened at the same time Mauricio Macri was presiding over the meeting of the World Economic Forum on Latin America, where businessmen and politicians were spreading sunshiny images of the economic future for the country.

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