Five Phrases to Help You Win in a Negotiation

24.04.2017 • Switzerland

Olivier Perrin – The Brave Little Economist (Switzerland) –

It’s 5:45 pm.

Jerome and his wife are sitting on old chairs of a blue ageless for nearly 2 hours.

In the middle of this prefabricated decoration falls the chopped white of an out-of-age neon that pricks the eyes. The jerky and noisy ventilation has long ceased the suffocating heat of this small windowless room. The green plant, right in its pot and insensitive to the drama that is tied, does not bring more comfort and only this man, sitting at his bad desk facing them, seems to be able to save them from this tedious nightmare.

The melodious and uninterrupted flow of his words brings them to the fateful outcome.

Jerome and his wife are at their bank negotiating a home loan. For the first time, they were not knocked out 10 minutes before the official closing time. And for good reason :

They are at this moment in life where tens of thousands of euros are won and lost in a few seconds .

While they are  in a position of strength , an experienced salesman plays all the psychological tricks, from the finest to the coarsest to turn the game to their advantage and make them crack .

It’s hard to imagine how the space of these seconds, after two hours of endless talk, can influence your life for 10, 15 or even 20 years.

It is a new car, a holiday in the sun, this veranda so nice and even this small cruise ship that makes you dream that you will win or lose during those fateful seconds.

Have you ever wondered why this neighbor who lives in the same neighborhood as you, with incomes and a similar lifestyle is offering 2 weeks 5 * holiday in Greece and rolling in brand new German sedan when you push a little further Your old Scenic to go to an honorable farmhouse in Vendee?

There are 5 simple phrases to get WINNING out of these situations so dangerous for your savings as well as countless others that you face every day.

If you do not follow them, it is almost certain that your interlocutor will entomb you and will draw a great pride in addition to a nice bonus.

But if you say these phrases literally, stupidly, and repeat them firmly then you will enjoy the pride of being well defended and all these extras become a reality.

You are ready ? Open your eyes wide:

Sentence 1: I have to think.

When you get into a project.

Sentence 2: I do not understand.

Can you explain to me as a child of 5 years?

Sentence 3: I’m not in a hurry.

Sentence # 4: I’m sorry I absolutely have to go.

Sentence # 5: Still a little effort please.

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