Your Ticket to the Island of the Blissful

26.04.2017 • Germany

Guest Contributor – Wealth Protection Today (Germany) –

My name is Markus Miller and my specialty are protected financial assets abroad. In this activity I exchange with many financial and asset protection experts, including Thomas Schwarzer. And again and again the question arises:“Where is my money still safe today? How can I protect it from the EU bureaucrats? “
For years, I have been “preaching” that investors should build a safe footing outside the European banking community in order to protect their assets effectively. And that is why I am very glad that with my colleague Thomas Schwarzer I have found a competent sparring partner in matters of property protection in order to jointly undertake a kind of reconnaissance work on capital protection.
I would like to present to you today a country that will soon be considered a kind of “island of the blissful”.
While in the rest of Europe a wild storm of redistribution and the threat of state sprawl rages, you simply pull up the drawbridge in this small oasis …
This country is one of the smallest states in Europe. Nevertheless, it has been one of the most attractive and successful economic centers of the entire continent since the early 1950s.
This country is the only one that still plays with open cards in Europe. While you can not rely on politicians’ promises, especially in the EU, you can rest here. If a bank is in a state of misery (it is not even possible to go out of the way), then there are no statutory pens.
Scandals like in Germany with the Hypo Real Estate are unthinkable in this country. One reason is the high equity ratios. But there are other reasons: for example the strict concentration on the private customer business.There is no such thing as an investment business with proprietary trading at the banks in that state at all!
Even loans make up only a very small part of the business of these banks. Therefore, the risk that a larger system-relevant bank might become skewed due to risky speculation is very low.
Of course, the country is not a member of the EU. This is one of the biggest advantages for me because, as an investor in one of the banks in this country, you are not exposed to the liability risks of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM).
Nevertheless, this country benefits from theAdvantages, Which the EU also offers: the banks and insurance companies have access to the entire European single market.And this is the jumping point:
As a German investor, you can, for example, take out life insurance, which is 100% recognized by the German state. AND: Life insurance policies from this country are much more flexible than those from Germany.
And that even before Switzerland. Perhaps you already guessed itLiechtenstein.Liechtenstein is a member of Standard & Poor’sCurrently the AAA rating for best credit rating. Among other things, because the small principality has not a single cent of government debt!
The government of Liechtenstein is very much attached to a solid state budget. Even before Switzerland, for example, a debt brake was introduced here and the state pensions were radically rehabilitated.
What hardly an investor knows: Liechtenstein banks have direct access to the Swiss National Bank. This means that the banks from the Principality are equated with Swiss institutions on this point.
Liechtenstein is often thrown together with some exotic tax havens and banana republics in the Caribbean, Central America or Asia.
Some investors feared, as once Klaus Zumwinkel from the post office in the morning at 5 o’clock by a rollcommando the tax drudgery at home to be overrun. Just because they have an account in Liechtenstein.
But this does not correspond to the facts at all. On the one hand, Liechtenstein has committed itself to transparency and transparency criteria. On the other hand, the financial center is not even the most important industry. At 37%, the domestic industry still stands. Only then do the banks follow with 27%.
With a life insurance from Liechtenstein, you are in no way going to illegality.
The advantage of a Liechtenstein life insurance is that you have exactly the same life insurance as you do in Germany. In any case, formalist.
The highlight is however:The Liechtenstein life insurance you canTo the insideCompletely free. Think of this insurance as your own private fund.
In a fund there are also different securities or even securities categories. This is exactly what you do in your life insurance: you can always buy or sell securities within the insurance without having to disclose this externally. For example, against the German tax office.
As long as you continue to save or maintain insurance, you can buy or sell almost all current securities for insurance. Just like in a normal securities deposit.
Of course I can not give you all the advantages in this short email. Therefore, I have compiled a special report, which you can now download completely free of charge by PDF.
Its name is:
“The last country in Europe, where your assets are still safe …”
Best regards
Markus Miller
Markus Miller, capital protection expert

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