French Election Masks German Crisis

05.05.2017 • Germany

Guest Contributor – Wealth Protection Today (Germany) –

The first round in France has been decided since last week – Le Pen and Macron will move into the run-up. On 7th May there will be a showdown between nationalist and European France. However, I must warn you urgently …
Because, while you are currently distracted by the latest news on all channels, a horror scenario arises in France behind the scenes, which can tear Germany into the abyss.
And it has NOTHING to do with a “Frexit” – the departure of the French from the EU.
The bomb threatens to burst
The newspaper “Economist” calls France already “The time bomb in the heart of Europe”. A well-known politician warned: “May 7, the second round of French presidential elections, will be our destiny day”
Please take care!
I sent an immediate warning in the summer of 2008, warning me before the coming financial crisis: “The recession is about to begin. It will lead to the collapse of several investment banks and numerous private equity firms, and equity markets will fall worldwide.”
Shortly thereafter, the Otto-Normal investors have lost -45.5% as measured by Dax, my readers do not. I am proud that they not only protect their money, but also benefit from the crisis, with a plus of 32.9%.
Today I must warn you again!
A historical event in France is about to break Germany into the abyss (it has nothing to do with the choice)!
The frightening thing about this is that leading EU politicians know very well that this century event will occur and that this will create a chain reaction that can tear the entire EU into the abyss.
But instead of taking counter-measures, the EU bureaucrats have unraveled the slide rule. You are already calculating who will be responsible for the colliery.
This leads to an evil evil
A total of 2.5 to 3 BILLION Euros are at stake. That is about 75% of all German savings.
Let me tell you one thing: things will happen that no German citizen wants to paint at the moment.
Capital controls and numerous tax increases would be the lesser evil!
The politicians and representatives of the institutions deny all this, of course, violently.
A French chain disaster is inevitable 

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