“A Cashless Society, Desirable for Some, Formidable for Others.”

23.05.2017 • France

Simone Wapler – La Chronique Agora (France) –

An Investigation by the European Central Bank Whose results will be given this summer, an editorial inLe Figaro: The subject of the final abolition ofcashIs returning to the front of the media scene and the work of modeling public opinion begins.

The paper version of theFigaro

The “cash “, Desirable for some, formidable for others, also presupposes political will

Let us put it bluntly, we rank among the “others”, those who believe that the establishment of such a society would be a formidable drift liberticide. It would give power to an “empowered agent” to cut off somebody’s money at any time.

It is dangerous, even when you have nothing to fear from the government of the moment. Let him who has never suffered an “administrative error” contradict me.

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This is obviously much more dangerous when you disagree with the government of the moment. Those who claim to have a hand on their heart “it’s okay, I have nothing to hide” would say, I suppose, in case of censorship: “it does not matter, I have nothing to say “.

All the security arguments advanced to promote society withoutcashAre easily removable.

Le Figaro :Printing, handling, circulation, secure transport … the species generate a significant cost.

Of course, but the securing of networks incashless, What would it cost? A societycashlessWould be destabilized by a simple cyber attack. The recent attack onransomwareProves to us that governments and larger companies are unable to provide absolute security, even with considerable financial effort.

Le Figaro :ThecashIs obviously a vehicle for tax evasion, tax evasion, gray or black market, corruption, but also for serious criminality and even for the financing of terrorism.

Yes. All traffickers and criminals use thecash. They also use roads, telephone networks, weapons. When they get sick, they take medicines, I was told … But we do not talk about banning road networks, telephone, suppressing armaments and restricting access to medicines.

Let us be serious: the real subject that the authorities have at heart is tax evasion.

The Germans and the Swiss use thecash, Are very attached to it, hold the € 500 and SF 1,000 notes, and yet the tax evasion is less in these countries than in Greece.

The reality is that the more taxes and levies are imposed, the more corrupt and mismanaged the country is, the more tempting the tax evasion. ThecashIs the back door of the “little ones”. Sophisticated montages, screens companies, etc. Are the secret and padded doors of the “gros”.

The real arguments for setting up acashHave nothing to do with the safe. They are :

– The power of taxation which will then confine itself to arbitrariness;- The total control of government over our lives;- The elimination of savings in order to achieve it.

The dream of Parasitocracy is the establishment of the welfare state that takes you in hand from the crib to the grave. No more personal savings: a system of taxation, redistribution, allocation provides all your needs from the moment you trust the State. Do you not have a “solidarity” soul?

The downward manipulation of interest rates is the beginning of the process of destruction of savings. Only those who want to “store” money and capital for personal projects are victims. Those who live on allowances, grants, money from others are not affected.

As I told you yesterday:

  • To get € 1,000 per month with a return of 5%, you need a capital of € 260,000
  • To obtain € 1,000 per month with a yield of 0.873%, you need a capital of € 1.37 million
  • But to get a return of 1,000 € per month with a zero rate, you need a capital … infinite!

What if the rates are negative? Well, you withdraw your money from the bank and there the system collapses: serial bankruptcies and hyperinflation. Except, of course, if you can not withdraw your money from the bank.

Parasitocracy has no need to spare. When it needs money, a central banker creates it and opens a line of credit to zero. A bank does not go bankrupt. A well-rated multinational agency has access to almost free credit. An international civil servant does not pay tax and receives salary paid by taxpayers who do not vote the amount.

On average, a member’s pension in France is € 2,700 a month, which corresponds to a saved (fictitious) capital of € 648,000, assuming that he is paid at 5%. But even if the rates are zero, our MP does not care. It is the system of distribution that pays him his retirement.

Parasitocracy has every interest in society withoutCash –Even if it is not your interest.

Le Figaro :“The disappearance of species is also a thesis conveyed by pressure groups,” notes one expert. Because electronic payments are not free. Their development presupposes a massification generating commissions paid by the traders. They also facilitate the generation of commercially exploitable data, which is the gold of the 21st century.

But the modernization of the universe of payment is also the pledge of […] greater competition by favoring the emergence of new players in a market where it is difficult to find a place.

The European Union is therefore playing a leading role. “The new European Payment Services Directive (PSD2) will speed up the movement of cash substitution by digital means of payment “, Says Christophe Vergne at Capgemini.

Of course, you do not have to endure. First, you can sign our petition “Not to society withoutcash“.

Second, gold remains to store value. Not any gold however.

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