Politics, Polls, and the Parasitocracy

24.05.2017 • France

Simone Wapler – La Chronique Agora (France) –

Yesterday, I spoke to you about the establishment of thecash, Dreamed by the political and financial Parasitocracy.

The Parasitocracy is a caste which lives on a rent, a recurring profit which is due to a privilege acquired by distorting competition. It sets up complicated design systems that promote and control it. If a government is supposed to be in the service of its citizens, the Parasitocracy is not. She is at the service of herself. It is not a group of conspirators, it is simply a group of privileged people who share the same education, have gone to the same schools and universities, believe in the same things and have the same global vision of what is good for other.

Recall that the share of our economy that is managed by the State exceeds 57%.

In other words, the control of more than half of what we produce escapes us but does not escape the parasitocrats.

To impose its win-lose interactions, the Parasitocracy uses constraint: regulations, directives, norms, law, etc. The complication is one of his favorite weapons.

However, the ideal, for approval of its rules, gravity and complexity, is to obtain the consent of the victims. This is the condition of “social peace”.

Let’s take a recent example. The ALUR law obliges the co-owners to block each year 5% of the budget of their joint ownership in an account for major works. The legislator felt that the co-owners were unfit to plan and claimed to protect them against their own impunity. The bank lobby gains a source of captive deposits and you lose control of the amount of money you pour into this account.

This legal provision is on the agenda of your general meeting and you are asked to vote for the constitution of the said account. Your individual consent to an inept law is thus duly registered.


Do you have a 50 euro note in your pocket?

Then you might well have all you need to become a millionaire! The only condition to take advantage of thisUnprecedented wave of profitsWhich is about to surge?

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For some important subjects, obtaining this consent requires a prior work of shaping public opinion.

Regulating an inherently fraudulent monetary system

The current monetary system is very complex. It is controlled by the IMF, the US Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank. With this system, commercial banks have the monopoly of monetary creation, in the form of credit creation.

The general public is very unaware of the fact that banking regulation claims are in fact a stack of standards designed to make this intrinsically fraudulent system acceptable.

Indeed, when you deposit money in a bank, the bank uses it to make loans. So the money is booked in two places at the same time: on your account and on that of the borrower.

You could theoretically both – depositing you and the other borrower – spending that money at the same time … unless you’re trying to actually do it. If two people claim the same money at the same time, it can only end badly. (1)

This complex financial system allows the Parasitocracy to feed itself through complex mechanisms of taxation, allocations, subsidies and redistributions. Bankers protected from bankruptcy lend to incompetent governments and docile taxpayers are the guarantors of last resort (and not a central bank as it is often heard).

This machine is well-honed but it is still necessary that some create real wealth before it is captured and that no penny escapes the circuit …

Hence thecash

No more escape possible.

Yes, modern payment methods are very convenient but you still have the choice of using them or not. If your bank seems to be in danger you can still empty your account and, by ordering your money in advance, storecash

Of course, drastic limits are already in place: payment limits, withdrawal limits, depositcash. Sophisticated software put in place by your bank communicate to Tracfin (2) and thus Bercy any “anomaly”, suspicious movement. Cash payment limits are regularly lowered into general indifference since card payments are so convenient.

But this very framed freedom is still too great, it seems. Since 2008, the level of debt and bogus money has increased dramatically. At the next financial crisis, the public is likely to become suspicious and likely to want its money.

So to impose the company on youcash, Major maneuvers are in progress.

Phase 1: mental preparation of public opinion. ThecashIs for criminals, terrorists, fraudsters resistant to tax, uncivil and not solidarity.

Phase 2: survey survey, confirming that the Phase 1 message is well received. Back to phase 1 and shaping in case of “bad opinion”, if not …

Phase 3: regulation, legislation

To conclude, I quote excerpts from the essay by Jacques Bourdieu:Public opinion does not exist

“Any opinion poll assumes that everyone can have an opinion; Or, in other words, that the production of an opinion is within the reach of all.

The politician is the one who says: ‘God is with us’. The equivalent of ‘God is with us’ is today ‘public opinion is with us’.

One of the most pernicious effects of the public opinion survey is precisely to put people on notice to answer questions they have not asked themselves. “

Thank you for signing our petition “Not to society withoutcashIf you feel that the preservation of the small area of ​​financial freedom that remains to us the merit.

Let us look closely at the results of the ECB’s investigation and the comments made by the major media.

Not only are governments waging war on thecashBut also war against any form of competitive currency like gold, silver or bitcoin.

(1) More info about:http://la-chronique-agora.com/comment-reguler-fraude-bancaire/(2) Intelligence processing and action against clandestine financial circuits, an agency of the Ministry of the Economy and Finance, in charge of the fight against money laundering)

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