This Golden Window is Closing

07.06.2017 • France

Simone Wapler – The Agora Chronicle (France) –

New attack in Manchester, denunciation by the Saudis of Qatari as it pulls the strings of terrorism, Italian banks
drifting, Trump kick in the climatic rent … The morale remains resolutely beautiful.
An additional seasoned investor surrenders and leans. This is David Grantham, the GMO fund manager who weighs
$ 77 trillion.
“The high evaluations will last,” he told the Financial Times .
“I’ve dedicated my life to denouncing financial bubbles and I do not think we’re in a bubble.
A value-oriented investor like me eats, breathes and dreams back to average. It is very difficult to recognize when
the world has changed, but my job is to think about markets and not to be a member of a church. “
“This time it seems very, very different,” he wrote in his last letter to investors. The long-term average has changed,
he said.
The new “normal” earnings price ratio is 23.36
Why is it different? Why 1997? Is it a coincidence that the LTCM hedge fund was saved from bankruptcy by Alan
Greenspan in 1998?
My GPS has just spotted a new potential gain … … and 1,000% are the key.
To view the “Treasure Map” – and position yourself – it’s here .
No, it’s not a coincidence.
Rates have not stopped falling and they have become so low that bankruptcy has become impossible!
Everything is valued in a political economy unrelated to the real economy
As Bill Bonner noted in his chronicle of the day , people admit that money has become political, unrelated to the real
economy. They have confidence in this currency. Bankruptcies are delayed, repelled by the multiplication of infinite
and gratuitous credit.
Such a currency is made possible by the abandonment of the gold standard by Alan Greenspan.
Mmmmm … but why does gold start rising again? Who still needs it? Is it really, really different? Could debts be
refunded? [Editor’s note: If you have any questions about this, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate
to contact us. time. But not just any gold … choose this particular piece that is still considered as currency. Click here
to discover it. ]
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Simone Wapler
Chief Editor of Crisis, Gold & Opportunities and Simone Wapler’s Strategy

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