A Surprise Rate Hike Could Tip the Teetering Economy

14.06.2017 • Switzerland

Olivier Perrin – The Brave Little Economist (Switzerland) –

Dear reader,

This evening, the Fed must decide on a rate increase Announced at a much-awaited press conference.

These quarterly events madden the markets which react instantly to the slightest ambiguity in the speeches of our central bankers.

For example, the US stock exchange Lost 7% in one day Following an unfortunate statement by Ben Bernanke, the Fed’s governor at the time.

The lesson was retained by his successor Janet Yellen and it should not happen much tonight.

Yet there is a drama behind these bourgeois meetings and agreed discourses.

The world economy has become an addendum to free money from central banks.

What was the origin of a morphine to help bring the pain out of the 2008 crisis? A Violent addiction whose weaning may be worse than the evil

The error of the central banks was in order to revive the economy.

The economy born icts not Aim states, banks and corporations broad Have Become debt-dependent.

Today it is enough to Decrease the flow of the tap a little to risk a collapse 10 Times Higher than in 2008 and Destroy millions of jobs

This is why the Fed is unlikely to raise its rates more than marginally.

It’s been two years since she announced the raising of her rates … We’re still waiting.

And tonight again The unemployment figures are not good , L The consumption figures are bad and Industrial indices are gray mine : This is the cold shower!

The patient would be at great risk of not surviving weaning.

And yet we must wean well … To keep the world economy under perfusion Destroys currency in addition to economic fabrics :It is a throbbing process, like a cold water that attacks the foundations of the house until its collapse.

Today it is more important for a company or a state to be as close to sources of money as to be useful, effective or create value.

Today the broker stifles the conscientious worker.

Central banks face a dilemma in having an economy that is not prepared for it.

The equilibrium of the inhaler in the case of an invalid,

It is a strategy with the edge of the sword where the slightest misstep can have catastrophic consequences.

By disastrous mainly mean the freezing or strict framing of your bank accounts, unemployment even more massive than today … And the social unrest that goes with it.

It is therefore important to monitor the results of these meetings.

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You are 15 minutes from your independence vis-à-vis your bank …

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To your good fortune,

Olivier Perrin

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