The Welfare State Will Ride Macron Straight into Your Pocket

16.06.2017 • France

Simone Wapler – La Chronique Agora (France) –

Chirac had the salon of Agriculture, Macron has the Vivatech salon.

Who’s best in a biped president? A bull or a robot? At this level, “everyone’s bad taste”, as an expert in art, merchant and collector would say.


MacronChiracChiracBut let’s leave the floor to our new president Macron, who visited yesterday at the technology fair:

In France, we like the entrepreneur if he does not succeed too well […]. When he begins to succeed too well, he is jealous, stigmatized and often taxed, it is over! […].

I want to lift the constraints. “

Glaps … Let us not forget that this man was the prime minister of a socialist government a few months ago.

Such a reversal, such an intellectual journey is miraculous. There is no other word that comes to my mind. It is not “on the march”, it is “at the gallop”.

This sentence of Emmanuel Macron denounces the very heart of the deceit of the welfare state, which tolerates that its citizen-administered-taxpayers-accountable earn money, but as soon as they have “too much” this money is Confiscated by the State which knows better than those who have won it how to spend it (in electoral clientelism) or even worse, invest it (in crony capitalism)!

TheMiracle of Saint FiscusThen operates. Private money – shamefully won by exploiting a few weak – becomes public and can then spread the good.

Macron would deny this church, its saints, and its miracles!

He will “lift the constraints,” topple the stalls of the merchants of the temple, kick the backs of the high priests …!

Mmmmm, calm, no exaltation. In fact, no, not at all.

Our new President Macron intends to create a:

Fund for innovation with € 10 billion […]. The state will invest heavily … will need your massive investments“.

Nothing changed in the sun.


AntigoneAnother “machin” will be added to the myriad of “machins” already existing, managed by the bureaucracy and the existing Parasitocracy. We already have the Public Investment Bank, the Caisse des Dépôts, the Anvar … This is probably not enough.

An example for those who, unlike the pope’s mule, have a goldfish memory:What will be the fund’s favorite areas-Macron? The sectors of environment, health or transport … The key sectors of crony capitalism. We know what it’s all about.

Environment transport = portal ecotaxes. Thank you Ségolène Royal for this remanent visual pollution at 1 trillion €.

No, Mr. Macron, good analysis but bad solution: taxation does not replace savings; Those who do not know what to do with the money,

This is called market democracy. This is the reverse of dirigisme. [Note: Emmanuel Macron’s “stuff”. Our service Real Profits Selects Promising business records in which you can invest Business angels And venture capital funds. Capital gains of x10, x20, x70 are possible. Find out how here .]

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