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30.06.2017 • Brazil

Alexandre Mastrocinque – Market in Five Minutes (Brazil) –

“Smaller inflation ensures greater purchasing power for Brazilians” – Henrique Meirelles

“If it is to raise taxes, we will increase” – Henrique Meirelles

“A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business” – Henry Ford

“Innovation is moving at a fast pace” – Bill Gates


00:21 – Enough of Crutch?


Markets remain “frightened” by the more hawkish tone of the European central bankers – inflation in Germany has accelerated and gives more force to the end of monetary stimuli. Dried the source of “helicopter money”.

Even with good economic data in the US (GDP and consumption and online unemployment), stock markets are falling sharply. The Brazilian market shifts and operates in the green (point pro Temer, finally).

It is more than time to close the game and normalize the world a little: if there is growth, markets start to become alone.


00:59 – The Pulse Still Presses


Perhaps this was Temer’s best night of sleep since May 18. In a single day, he got rid of Renan, named Janot’s successor, and still had a steady victory at CCJ-16-9, well above initial expectations.

If you have slept late, Temer woke up today with the news that the CMN changed the inflation targets to 4.25 percent in 2019 and 4 percent in 2020 – the June IGP-M was negative at -0.67 Percent (-0.78 percent accumulated in 12 months).

Perhaps the coffee did not go down well, because the STF filed in the House early the complaint against the president.

In any case, Temer shows that there is still a little bullet in the needle and the bill for labor reform is well underway in the Senate – on the other hand, the House CCJ battle promises to be quite tough: only four of the 66 members show support Openly to the president and of the seven toucans, only one would be next to Temer.

Behind the scenes indicate that the government begins to move to approve the minimum age in Welfare which, if it does not solve the problem of public accounts, is pushing the problem with the belly and prevents the country from exploding until 2019.

Of course, as Meirelles pointed out, tax increases are not ruled out.

With the reduction of the inflation target and the advance of the labor market, the interest market was animated and rehearsed a closing, mainly in the long vertices. Bolsa is settling above the 62 thousand points and the dollar operates a little up, around the mark of the 3.30 Reals.


01:48 – Poor Boy Rico


89 billion dollars.

That’s what has Bill Gates, the Seattle geek who founded Microsoft.

If 1 million reais solve the life of a Brazilian family, the guy has money to direct the future of the city of Campinas.

Jeff Bezos, the wacko of Amazon, has a modest $ 83 billion, and Facebook’s brat, Mark Zuckerberg, has about $ 64 billion.

The three have much more money than they could dream of spending even if they live the mad life of Adriano “Emperor” to the final consequences – even if they do Anitta’s birthday party every day there will be no money left.

Zucka, the “poorest”, can leave his money applied to Fed Funds that will take away $ 1.3 billion every year …

It is easy to fall into the temptation to think that it is an exaggeration, that these guys have more money than they deserve, that there are a lot of people going hungry in the world.

But here, I give credit to the Mentor Neto, you have to think about how these guys changed and shaped the world.

If the cliche is that a middle-class person today has much more access to knowledge, health, food and entertainment than the richest nobility of 200 or 300 years ago, this is due to the capacity for innovation and creation of geniuses (Geniuses!) Like Gates, Bezos, Ford, Tesla, Edison and Welch.


02:30 – How’s the knee going?


The facilities, shortening times and distances, new treatments, greater productivity … a multitude of new solutions that would not fit here or if this was the M500M.

The 1930 World Cup almost failed because the ship trip from Europe to Uruguay was delayed and cost too much. Only last minute and with great effort some European countries accepted the invitation.

The truth is, these guys will never be properly rewarded for everything they’ve done and created – yes, Bill Gates has LESS money than he deserves.

How many hours a week did you lose going to the bank to pay for that bill, to withdraw money, and to consult extracts? If it’s two hours a week, it’s one more movie you see, more time with your kids or one book a month. Two more hours you earned because you no longer have to go to the bank.

What about Office?

My mother spent her life typing monographs. Imagine missing a word at the bottom of the page? I did not have ctrl z on Olivetti, my friend. I will not even go into the merits of Excel, which has infinitely reduced the time for filling in spreadsheets and reports.

My watch has more processing power than the entire Apollo 11 cabin.

Since the 1950s, some scientists have theorized and even created some magnetic resonance imaging devices in the laboratory. But it was not until the 1980s, when GE got into the game, that it came out for the role and gained scale.

I will not even get into the merit of how many jobs these guys generate (only Microsoft has 114,000 employees) and how many other people have made a fortune working with this guys.

The next time someone comes to complain about the inequality of capitalism, ask him where he prepared the last college job or how that knee resonance was.


03:40 – Want To Take How Much?


Instead of complaining that there are people with much, why not start moving and securing your own fortune?

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