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05.07.2017 • Brazil

Thomas Schwarzer – Market in Five Minutes (Brazil) –

“You say goodbye and I say hello” – Lennon & McCartney

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00:10 – Official Release

This is the last issue of the Market in 5 Minutes.

It was up to me, Alexandre Mastrocinque, on my one-year anniversary of Empiricus, to announce the end of the daily newsletter.

The M5M was Empiricus’ first open communication channel. Pioneer, pioneered what eventually became a strategic market thread – today all have (or try to have) a channel of recurring and accessible interaction with the retail public.

Over the last few years, the editions of the Market in 5 Minutes have become confused with the history of Empiricus itself …

The M5M has already denounced listed company fraud (Marfrig) …

Already open letter to shareholders of Oi …

Already an open letter to the President of the Republic, the capital market regulator, response to a journalist …

It anticipated important moves, such as Petrobras’ financial crisis and the destruction of real estate stocks (more notably PDG Realty) … among others.

With a plethora of practical investment recommendations, there were more than 1,000 issues of total editorial independence.

Did not anyone want to talk?

What’s the only place that guy’s gonna read this?

“Put it on the Market in 5!”

PS: I leave here a simple homage to the heroes who built this story: Roberto Altenhofen, Rodolfo Amstalden and Ricardo Schweitzer. In common, besides the unpronounceable surname, several minutes of brilliance shared in this same space.

Despite the unpleasant task of giving the final contours to the newsletter, I am honored to close this cycle.

01:20 – Why are we doing this?

Although it’s a farewell letter, this is not a sad newsletter.

On the contrary.

The preamble became necessary. It is important that you understand the meaning of killing our first newsletter.

We would only make this decision for something really relevant.

“Alê, you have an idea bothering me. I think we can do something great with her … ”

These were precisely the words that thePhilip(Chief strategist of theEmpiricus) Used to approach me about three months ago.

I remember like it was today…

At that time, I divided my time between the M5 and this new project.

I have selected a team of experts to help me, we delve deeply into our reader’s main wishes and – after countless drafts – we have arrived at the ideal format.

“Now yes. We have something f *** here. Do you play this new project for us, please? “Said Felipe.

I promised to give readers something important – and, above all, to make them earn money.

I ask you to give me a vote of confidence, and see the first result of this in practice.

SAVE THIS DATE: Tuesday, July 4, at 9:00 AM.

Tomorrow, at 9am, an e-mail signed by me will arrive in your mailbox with my biggest project here at Empiricus.

It is the reason for my leaving the M5M and the end of the newsletter, and it marks the beginning of a new phase of our company, bigger and completely structured.

I am delighted to announce: as of tomorrow, theEMPIRICUSIT WILL ASSUME A NEW PATAMAR.

And we want you to be a part of it.

Do not miss what may be the most important step of your financial life.

02:15 – The INS® Project

With an unprecedented format, the new project was shaped according to the needs of the readers, to fulfill their main financial yearnings.

Last weekend, I sent out two emails to the entire Empiricus customer base to better understand what those longings are:

What is your main financial desire?

If you could choose one thing, anything, what would it be?

You have only one limitation: it needs to be something financial.

I confess that I was quite happy with the volume and the quality of the answers …

In all, there were more than 3,500 feedbacks. About 85 percent of them, however, circled any of these four themes:

– I want an extra income

– Looking for financial independence

– A 7-digit invested equity

– A retirement of 20 thousand reais or more

These are precisely the four points we will address in the INS® project.

The project’s biggest challenge was to come up with a format that met all those requirements.

More than that: we will, literally, realize the financial desire of some people.

In all, there will be 250 readers contemplated.

03:13 – What do you need to be one of them?

We are looking for a format that meets the profile of the Empiricus reader.

1) You must spend at least 40 minutes of your week. It will be 10 weeks of design. It does not take more than that.

2) You do not need to have a minimum amount to apply. The idea is to realize your main financial desire at this time (10 weeks), but without compromising your assets, regardless of what your current assets are.

3) You will be presented with real opportunities to make money. In addition to teaching fishing, the purpose of the INS® Project is also to “give fish”. We will not have much time. Therefore, you will have practical investment recommendations from the first week of the project. However, it is critical that you follow the steps of it. Do not try to accelerate gains by trampling steps. This may compromise the results and expose you to unnecessary risks.

4) The INS® Project will have very restricted places. We are organizing something daring and exclusive, with personalized attention to participants. That way, we will limit the INS® Project to only 300 people. We do not guarantee the participation of all interested parties.

It will only be 10 weeks of effort for something bigger.

Believe me, it will be worth it.

04:00 – See you tomorrow!

There are still a few edges to hit.Tomorrow, at 9:00 AM,I will reveal all the details of this new project – among them the reason for the acronym “INS”.

Around here, my team is in full swing, working to get everything right for the big day: tomorrow!

We still have a lot to do, but we are extremely excited. I believe we have something new and grandiose for you.

I promised to give readers something really important – and, above all, to make them earn money.

Again, I ask you to give me a vote of confidence, and see the result in practice.

We want you to be a part of it.

A hug,

Alexandre Mastrocinque

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