Two Wolves and a Lamb Vote on Dinner

06.07.2017 • France

Simone Wapler – La Chronique Agora (France) –

French democracy will remain a farce until the role of the state is debated.

The “States General of the accounts of the Nation” are currently taking place in Bercy, at the Ministry of Finance.

“Etats généraux” reminds us of the great hours of French history. “Nation” has something more majestic than country. These States-General are therefore supposed to be a great event, a prelude to a Revolution.

Do not go astray, dear reader, in spite of this abundance of majestic capital letters. We will stay in the show politics. This show policy that Bill Bonner described so well On the American side with Putin Le Méchant, Trump Le Vulgaire …

Wherever the Americans do in wrestling, we, the French, do in the operetta.

Forecast of fiscal deficit for 2017:Yesterday, I was talking about figures. For the French state to have a balanced budget, taxes must be increased by 28%. I give you these figures before you, in case they did not make you cry yesterday.

  • Forecast voted Of € 72 billion
  • Rectification by the Court of Auditors: deficit EUR 9 bn higher than planned = € 81 bn

Net tax revenue forecast for 2017: € 292.3 billion

Thus, the new deficit will weigh, according to the new forecast 27.7% of net tax revenues forecast.

Increasing taxes by 27.7% and confirming France’s tax haven status would not solve the problem of accumulated debt. The real solution passes through less state. Will the great Austerity Mower return to the scene or will it be once again the Arlésienne de Bizet that we speak so much on stage but never comes?

Our president walker-speaker was elected on a program. In this program, nothing concrete and substantial about the reduction of public spending. No reflection on the role of the State.

Virtually no substantiated criticism of Macron’s program has been relayed by the media rather focused on censor agitations. For memory, We publish here that which had left the Thomas More Institute At the time of the campaign.

No serious reflection on the role and place of the state, therefore, but is it human to ask this to enarques? Do we bite the hand that feeds us?

We will therefore be entitled to operetta, where each one will go from his song.

Reduce the budget of the army? Horror! Putin, Trump, the evil Korea, Iran, Iraq … Not at all the moment

Degrease the Mammoth? No, we need teachers in numbers so that the children of the Nation are well educated. You do not pretend to immolate the future for vulgar pecuniary questions?

Reduce state ownership and crony capitalism? You want to kill Colbert and De Gaulle?

The police ? Are you ready – and your loved ones – to perish in a terrorist attack fomented by barbarians? It takes a lot of people to file S!

Justice ? But it is already congested, it needs – on the contrary – more means.

Hospital, APHP, Social Security, Medicare? Our streets will be encumbered with corpses. Is that what you want: to stumble over the bodies of the unhappy people you refused to treat?

The research ? You selfishly want to sacrifice the future for a difficult end-of-month problem?

Housing ? Miserable, we are the country of Human Rights and the right to housing is part of the human dignity!

Culture ? In your opinion, France would have to be a country of barbarians watching reality television because they could not avidly pace museums?

Let’s be serious … Everything the state does is useful and good because otherwise, obviously, it would not!

Do you agree to increase taxes by 28% and especially those that the rich pay? Yes ? Well, that’s fine.

Turn off the lights, the show is over, I hope you enjoyed it.

Democracy is a sinister farce and more and more resembles the caricature of Mencken: “two wolves and a lamb vote for the evening meal” …

This sinister farce, however, will have an end, rest assured. One day “the money of others” will not be enough to pay the good feelings. That day we will have a real debt crisis.

It is not too late To prepare for it

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