How A Four-Man Motley Crew Predicted Every Major Event Since the 70s

18.07.2017 • Switzerland

Henry Bonner – Strategy and Council Letter (Switzerland) –

In 1979, a small group of four, including a lobbyist, an Oxford-educated analyst, and the former director of a national TV channel joined forces to launch a particular project:

A news service that would not be for the general public, but for private individuals.

They hired analysts, former politicians, state councilors, and journalists – to investigate events around the world, and monitor the finances and economies of various countries.

In addition, they were going to try to predict the great economic and political changes in the world.

This may seem unbelievable, but they have been so successful in this area that their box now has millions of private subscribers to whom they send their research.

You will be surprised by some of the events they predicted, long before they happened.

Above all, you will not believe what they have just predicted.

Prediction # 1: The Soviet Union will collapse.


This Group has just issued a Special Alert )

It was in 1987. A whole generation of Frenchmen had grown up fearing that a nuclear war would break out. Everyone thought that the USSR would remain one of the greatest world powers.

However, that same year, this independent box (and established in Paris for 20 years) took a contrarian position. She predicted that “the same geopolitical forces that broke out in the great colonial empires will now cause the end of the USSR … the Soviet Empire is coming to an end.”

Three years later, the USSR began to disintegrate. In 1991, it was the end of the Soviet Empire. The hammer and the sickle fell.


Presentation: Why It’s the End of Many Aspects of the Lives of the French )

Prediction # 2: Japan, The Next Superpower?

During the 1980s, movies and TV shows were obsessed with the rise of Japan, showing large neon signs written in Japanese.

Everyone thought that Japan would be the next global superpower.

Meanwhile, Japanese companies were buying buildings and businesses in France at high speed, including a Michelin guide restaurant in Paris.

Japan produced more innovations and won more Nobel prizes than any other country.

Yet, this analysis box published a message that it sent to its readers, saying: “Prepare to see the collapse of the Japanese stock market.”

A few months later, the world watched with horror, while Japanese stocks lost almost all their value. Japan never came back.

Chart nikkei

Prediction # 3: The Rise of Islamist Terrorism

In 1993, a terrorist landed in New York, in the United States, claiming to be an Iraqi refugee. Immigration services allowed him to move to New Jersey to wait for asylum.

While his file was being processed, he prepared a 700-kilogram bomb that he left in a truck parked on the North Tower’s World Trade Center.

Its objective was to trigger an explosion that would cause the North Tower to collapse. It would fall on the South Tower, which would also collapse.


Although the bomb exploded and crossed five floors of reinforced concrete, making six dead, the Tower held firm.

The general public thought the disaster had been warned …

But for the analysts of this independent research box, the conclusion was different.

In 1993, they warned that “the rise of Islam … could represent the greatest danger the world has experienced in two decades,” adding that “the bomb at the foot of the World Trade Center in New York, Was a foretaste of what is yet to come. ”

That’s What Perhaps Explains Why the Richest Woman of France Withdrawn 100 000 Euros in Liquid )

Prediction # 4: They Announced On The Day Near The Collapse Of Internet Shares

Prior to March 10, 2000, all stock exchanges that were linked to the Internet boom were on the rise.

But, this same box sounded an alert on March 10, 2000, saying that the “end day” for internet actions had arrived.

On this exact day, Internet actions began to fall. The Nasdaq lost 77% of its value.

Prediction # 5: The Collapse of the Real Estate Market and the 2008 Crisis

In 2003, an article published by this organization announced that a speculative bubble was forming in the real estate market, writing: “Until today, property prices have generally increased. But nothing obliges them … ”

That same year, one of the biggest newspapers made fun of this kind of prediction, writing: “A speculative bubble? Where is she? Everything indicates that real estate will continue to climb. Sleep in peace. ”


This Problem in the French Economy Threat Always )

But this group of analysts has announced without hesitation that the bull market would end: “something is wrong in the real estate market, and you will find the source on the accounts of the main real estate investors.”

The media was still in denial. An editorial that appeared in one of the biggest newspapers said that: “These great anxious expect the real estate market face falling economy. However, this pessimism is not justified: we have no reason to fear that the real estate market falls. ”

Subsequently, property prices collapsed, pushing France into one of the worst economic recessions since the 1930s.

Prediction # 6: A New Prediction That They Have Just Issued

If this group has been right as many times and has more readers than most major newspapers, how come you have not heard of it before?

The reason is that they prefer to remain discreet, reserving their work for their 2.4 million private readers.

Most recently, one of the members of this group issued a new prediction intended for France. This prediction is so important that they decided to put it in front of the general public instead of only booking it for their private readers.

Their research indicates that we could see a big change in the French economy, in a very short time.

Many of the businesses and businesses you know could even close their doors and stop serving you.

In addition, this disaster could create a break in the production and distribution networks that allow store shelves to be stored.

As a result, you may find that the supermarket shelves are emptied, or even that the gas station is no longer working.

This could lead to food shortages across the country.

Not to mention that your bank could be forced to close without being able to provide you with your money, nor to insure your payments.

This message could make you think about how to operate the French economy and what you will see if this system does not work anymore. ”

You can access this message for free by clicking here.

PS: This presentation includes content that may be shocking to some people. Consult with care.

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