Visa Is Pouring Millions into the War Against Cash

18.07.2017 • France

Simone Wapler – La Chronique Agora (France) –

The results of the European Commission’s investigation show a strong resistance to the disappearance of cash.

It is dangerous to ask people for their opinion because often it turns out that they think wrong. “Thinking wrong” means not going in the direction of the evolution desired by the authorities.
Germany: € 5,000 Italy: € 3,000 Spain and France: 1 000 € Greece: € 500 In January 2017 the European Commission announced that it was considering imposing an upper limit on cash payments as early as 2018. This limit already exists in most countries and the trend is decreasing.

Clearly, these limits are not enough; The European Commission would like to push them down faster.

For the sake of legitimacy, the Commission has launched a public consultation, the Results have just been published here.

Dear reader, you know that regularly inThe ChronicleWe are alerting you to the dangerous drift that would constitute the outlawing of the cash

French and Germans were the most likely to respond with 10,838 and 11,259 responses, respectively. In total, about 30,000 people responded. The results are very clear:

– 95% of people are opposed to a ceiling at European level.- Less than 1% of people think there would be some interest in such a measure.

Obviously, you will tell me that those who bothered to answer are aware of the issue and do not represent a majority. All the same, the Brussels Parasitocracy will have to rely on opposition. The German magazine Bild Had published a virulent open letter “down the legs on the cash

ThecashAllows us to keep anonymous our daily transactions. It is a freedom that must be defended in a constitutional democracy“.

Even the IMF went from its moderation council to a Paper published in March:

The disappearance of cash Imposed by authorities or uses makes individuals and states more vulnerable to incidents, such as power outages or cyber attacks. In any case, the temptation to impose society without cash by decree should be avoided given popular attachment to species.

A targeted awareness program is needed to avoid suspicions about cash; In particular, that the authorities seek to control all aspects of people’s lives, including the use of their money, or to push savings to banks“.

Would the message have gone away? Multinationals from the private sector are taking over to cash obsolete. For example, Visa is offering $ 10,000 to restaurants that cashless. The company proposes to upgrade all payment terminals.

cash“We are focusing on eliminating the cash Of trade, “said Visa General Manager Al Kelly. Note the warrior terms of our benevolent private or governmental bureaucracy: “war against the cash“,” Eliminate “.

DR cashBut there is a danger that our great planners may face …

If, by will or by force, the company cash Is established and generalized, then cyber-currencies and cryptomonies, uncontrolled by governments, have a bright future ahead. Bitcoin in the lead …[Editor’s note: How do these cyber currencies work, how can they help you, how to get them: All is here!

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