Average Frenchman Pays €29k in Taxes on €50k of Income

28.07.2017 • France

Simone Wapler – La Chronique Agora (France) –

Some will celebrate tomorrow’s day of taxation. Congratulations to these freedmen of the tax. For the other slaves, we will have to wait a little.

Tomorrow, July 29, may be your “fiscal release day”.

The Molinari Institute is the author of this concept, and Ernst & Young performs the calculations every year on the average employee. From July 29, in France, this average employee works only for himself.

“The average French employee is theoretically among the highest paid with € 56,499 (6th in the EU), but he is so taxed (57.41% of expenses and tax on his full salary, 1st place in the EU ), That it only has 24,062 € in real purchasing power. “

It should be noted that € 56,499 is paid by the average employee’s employer, since the distinction between employers ‘and employees’ social security contributions is totally artificial and serves only to confuse perceptions.

Of course, the statists reply that we get our money’s worth and that France is a country where it is very good to live.

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This year, the Molinari Institute crossed its statistics with reference work of international organizations in the field of human development and well-being.

France, first in the European Union for taxes, is ranked:

  • 8th in the last delivery of the UN Human Development Index.
  • 11th in the EU in the last OECD Better Life delivery (22 EU countries rated).

Quality of life appears to be significantly better in several taxing countries such as Germany, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands and Sweden.

You can downloadThe full study here

It’s worse than you think

Obviously, the statistical notion of the average individual has its limits.

The day of fiscal release of the supra-average individual is much later. Those who dread the autumnal fall of the tax sheets know this.[Editor’s note: In this regard, property taxes, which are part of the autumn tax sheets, are full of error. Learn how to make them rectify and save substantial savings for years to come.Everything is explained here.]

On the other hand, if you are an international civil servant subject to the regime of the Vienna Convention, you pay no taxes and you look with indifference slaves and franked oneself.

In reality, the French tax practice – according to which a minority pays more and more – is anti-democratic. Fewer and fewer people are paying more and more taxes. Thus, less than one in two households (46.5%) pays income tax. Complexity makes it all the more confusing, which is why tax reforms get bogged down and the pressure is increasing inexorably.

Strangely, the very simple principle of “Flat tax »– identical percentage for each taxing all income – is seen as unfair in a country yet passionate about equality.

But are all “inequalities” unjust? Are not laws made to correct “unjust inequalities”? With equal talent, whoever works most would not have the right to preserve more?

When the nightmare becomes reality

In the French fiscal jungle, predators and parasitocrats reign supreme and did not care about these questions. Every contribution is measured by the yardstick of the taxpayers’ income and not according to the necessity or appropriateness of public expenditure. Any election campaign is a vote-hunting according to an unhealthy principle of exemption – taxation. “I give gifts to the Gentiles (who vote for me) and punish the bad guys (who do not vote for me).”

By pushing to the limit, we are moving towards a society withoutcashWhere you will stretch your arm to your baker who will take the price you pay your wand, price variable according to your income. On your 1.35 € baguette (or 3.68 € if your “marginal edge” indicates it), the baker will see in his own electronic cash drawer only the part that Bercy will deem useful, the rest of the transaction Supplying the state coffers.

I exaggerate? Not at all ! Technically, it is already done.

Le FigaroOf 26 July:

“The American company Three Square Market, which specializes in vending machine software, will offer employees the opportunity to have an electronic chip installed in their hands. […]

The technology used by the US firm is similar to that used for contactless payment cards or the identification of pets. To get to the Wisconsin business, connect to their workstations, use a photocopier or pay for a coffee in the cafeteria.

Of the company’s 85 employees, about 50 have already“Said Tony Danna, Vice President of Sales. The electronic chips, manufactured by the Swedish company BioHax International, will be implanted in the hand of the volunteer employees on August 1st. The incision will be made between the thumb and index finger, using a kind of syringe.

To make a payment, the principle is simple. The employee scans the product. The appliance then asks him to present his means of payment. He can then extend his hand and, as with a mobile phone or a bank card benefiting from contactless payment, pay his product. In addition to replacing traditional means of payment, the electronic chip will also act as a badge.

[…] Todd Westby, the director of Three Square Market, said the implantation of electronic chips under human skin was “the next big inevitable advance that will happen” and added that he and his company wanted to be part of it . […] He promises that the implantation will be done solely on the basis of the voluntary. “

The most frightening in this story? 50 out of 85 people accepted …

All that remains is to introduce your marginal tax bracket in the calculation carried out with the chip. But rest assured, the equality will be respected, the baker also will have its electronic marker!

You will be able to even know your fiscal release day to you. Unless … beyond a certain date, you will not be allowed to access this confidential data concerning you. For the State – which wants only your property – will want to protect you from your suicidal temptations.

-Read more at la-chronique-agora.com (French)-

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