New Crisis Simmers as Central Banks Head to the Resorts

28.08.2017 • France

Simone Wapler – La Chronique Agora (France) –

Markets are notoriously overvalued as central bankers congratulate themselves on their monetary policies. Reason more to go see elsewhere.

10 years after the financial crisis of 2008, “the reforms have strengthened the stability of the financial system. Banks are safer, “said Janet Yellen from Jackson Hole, the summer meeting place for central bankers.

Asked about his monetary policy, Mario Draghi said that “a certain degree of monetary easing is still necessary”. However, the euro reached a new record against the dollar as markets continued to anticipate a tightening.The ECB should vote on 26 October on the scheduled end of the EQ

The articles on the theme “10 years after the crisis” flourish lately but they are not as reassuring as our central bankers.The worldandSlate.frBelieve that a new crisis is simmering.
Le MondeThe worldandSlateAre right but they are not interested in the real roots of the problem according to us: a fraudulent and dishonest monetary and banking system.

As you know, I find it very difficult to invest today in financial markets when the most important information, namely interest rates, is falsified by the central bankers and that Mario Draghi injects 60 billion euros per month of counterfeit money.The financial markets have indeed reached disturbing altitudes in an equally disturbing calm,As Bill Bonner

Since markets are dangerous, look for capital gains elsewhere

Apart from these financial markets, however, there are companies that have products or services that they profitably sell to customers who freely choose to buy them. Since the growth of participatory financing, it is possible to lend or take shares of these companies.

I recently invested in Biocellvia, a company that relies on image recognition to evaluate the effectiveness of new drugs. The idea is that rather than entrust the analysis of histological images to “Bac 12” rely on a digital analysis.

Biocellvia already has customers, “big pharma” and benefits. As my colleague Etienne Henri explains:

Numerous studies have proved it: two researchers to whom a same image is presented will not draw the same conclusions. Even more embarrassing: variations exist within a single individual. A researcher will be able to interpret in a diametrically opposite way an image if he works on a Monday morning or a Friday evening … Difficult, in these circumstances, to give a blind confidence to the process!

It is to transform this archaic practice that Biocellvia has developed an automated platform for digital processing of medical images. “

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I already hear Malthusian readers, alarmed by artificial intelligence, alarmed at the disappearance of the researcher with his two eyes and his scanning microscope in favor of the computers programmed by Biocellvia.

It seems to me that this notion of artificial intelligence is very overrated and that the scarecrows that Mr. Elk Musk and others are agitating are suspicious.

I recently read this in an editorial signed by Laurent Alexandre and Nicolas Bouzou:

Unlike a child, artificial intelligence needs many examples to learn:To recognize objects, he must see millions of photos. The key to success is no longer the length of the computer code, but the size of the databases “

I confirm. My three-year-old grandson knows what a “flower” is after he has been shown a daisy and a rose. He knows that a bramble is not a flower. He also knows spontaneously, without being taught or told, that an iris is a flower like a rose or a daisy.

In the case of Biocellvia, automated image analyzes are then controlled by researchers and doctors. But quantitative data will support their observations.

The fear of artificial intelligence seems to me to be that of the canuts of Lyon in front of Mr. Jacquard’s looms.

On the other hand, artificial intelligence at work on markets trafficked by bipeds believing themselves omniscient and manipulating counterfeit money makes me fear a calamity.

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