This Caribbean Island Is Making Economists Scratch Their Heads

15.09.2017 • France

Simone Wapler – La Chronique Agora (France) –

Political and legislative systems compete because of borders. The management of Hurricane Irma in Saint-Martin is not flattering to the French state.

Do we still need borders and countries? After all, the international elite regularly boasts of the virtues of “global governance”.

But the boundaries delimit the management of the states and thus make it possible to compare the management of various political, legislative, taxing and redistributive organizations. Borders therefore introduce a form of competition in the management of public affairs.

Hurricanes, on the other hand, do not know borders and walk where Mother Nature decides.

We recently had an interesting experiencein vitrowith Irma. This hurricane swept the French West Indies – notably Saint-Martin, part of which is under Dutch administration and the other under French administration.

I already hear the kind, sensitive and charitable reader take offense. “This reptilian monster with cold blood and dry heart, named Simone Wapler, instead of pitying herself on unfortunate innocent and irresponsible victims will dissert on a calamity with a neo-ultra-liberal calculator.”

Exactly. But, dear reader, you are not obliged to read me, and this chronicle has cost you nothing. I must add that in my childhood I knew, besides houses destroyed in a few minutes and buildings crumbling in the streets, scenes of plunder following earthquakes. These memories make me very well imagine what certain inhabitants have undergone.

Returning to our subject – Saint Martin. Here, drawnan article which I highly recommend you read, an illustration ofCapitalconcerning the economy of St. Martin which is an island, unlike Guyana (I say this in the highly unlikely event that this article goes back to the Elysee).

In blue, it is the French management and in orange, the Batavian management. For unemployment and paid holidays we dominate, there is nothing to say.

En bleu, c’est la gestion française et en orange la gestion batav

En bleu, c’est la gestion française et en orange la gestion batavFor the rest … France is not renowned for its economic performances – we know – and to console us, we have our art of living and our welfare state that the whole world envies us.

For Irma, our “public service” had a week to prepare. As early as August 31st, it was known that Irma was going to be violent, very violent.

But precisely, on the preparation side, missed. And,like always, in this kind of circumstances, after the destruction, the plunder.

irma - LCI

irma - LCIA distraught French population drooling on the side of the Batavians, where, under strictly identical circumstances, mess and anarchy were better controlled. The Dutch knew how to handle the situation.


irma«Dutch sidethere are soldiers, a marechaussee, police on every street corner! They put a curfew at 5pm to clean the streets of looters. Here on the French side, the looters fill entire buses with everything they find. “The Dispatch

Similar testimonies abound.[Editor’s note: Do you know that this seemingly innocuous object that measures less than 10 cm can save your life under such circumstances? This former CIAexplains herehow to get it.]

Under the French administration, the “forces of order”, according to the consecrated expression, are absent, the administration swept away.

What does the State do? From the com ‘.

Macron flew on September 11 and told the public that he was so bold that it was not only him but equipment: “departure for the West Indies with equipment to manage the emergency and start the work of reconstruction “. It is accompanied by the Ministers of Education and Health.“The investment is complete, and the reconstruction will be, rest assured.”

I do not see what is reassuring to probably even more of anything that does not work.

The French state controls 57% of the economy but is incapable of performing its regal functions which are to guarantee the safety and property of each. Here is what the borders and a hurricane show us. Let no one tell us that we need “more means”. The Dutch state controls less than 44% of the country’s economy and does better when it is really needed.

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